Personal Injury Attorney Covington Represents Victims Of Trucking Accidents

American companies depend on the commercial trucking industry to transport goods across the nation. Every day, massive trucks travel Louisiana roads and highways. When an accident occurs involving a commercial truck, the result can be devasting due to the size and weight of these commercial vehicles, being much large and more massive than a passenger car. Accidents involving these large carrier trucks usually result in severe injury or death.

Federal and state laws govern the operation of conventional carriers. The owners are liable for safety equipment and maintenance as well as driver negligence. Their insurance companies will aggressively fight claims involving serious injuries and wrongful death. These types of lawsuits are complicated and require an experienced attorney who has extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations concerning the trucking industry. He must be able to to be able to evaluate the circumstances of the accident to establish liability.

This accident attorney will determine if driver negligence or error was responsible for the crash. Experts will inspect the truck to determine if a mechanical failure such as bad breaks or a tire blow out or just faulty maintenance was responsible for the accident. State and federal truck safety regulations will be reviewed to determine if any provisions have been violated such as drinking alcohol, speeding, etc.

If you or a loved one suffered wrongful death or injury in a commercial truck accident, visit for a free consultation and case evaluation to determine your eligibility to recover damages.

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